Cheap Deals for Your Flight


Travel agents and airlines offer a variety of flight deals to most destinations, making it easy for travelers to choose what they are most comfortable with. To get the cheapest deals for your flight, you could choose to go with one way flights which happen to be much cheaper. Airfares to different destinations can be determined by calculating the number of stops the flight makes, and this will ensure that what you get is the cheapest rate. If it is possible to fly one way and still save money, then maybe this should be the flight choice you make.

There are people who find cheap and very affordable flight deals when they choose to travel, using flight offers which provide the opportunity to accommodate multi-city options. This kind of a search through the various websites helps in getting the very best out of the deals, and is an effective way of saving money along the way. While using booking engines to get a deal that looks favorable, you should make sure that you also check the airline's website, as there may even be other offers much lower than you expect.

Best airline deals are also easily found when travelers check the prices from the airports that are nearest to the city of destination or departure. Sometimes, the bigger the airport the more expensive air rates it is likely to have. Being flexible enough to fly from cheaper airports that are near you could get you cheaper tickets. It is also important to check what days of the week and times of the day attract the lowest charges on flight tickets. As long as you are flexible with your traveling time, you can land a great deal using the available dates on the websites.

Since prices tend to fluctuate within short periods, don't forget to check on the same deal several times in a day. It is possible that the information you got earlier in the day has changed in a positive way giving you the chance to take advantage of cheaper deals available. As long as one is willing to conduct a thorough research dedicated to getting the very best deals for a particular flight, it is possible to travel without having to go over budget limits.


Cheap Car Rental – 7 Tips To Get the Cheapest Car Rental


Taking a trip is fun. Moreover, for those who want to travel for spending their holidays. It will be sort of moment everybody can’t bear to wait. But, you shouldn’t only relate the trip with something fun and think nothing about it since you first should consider well the transportation you will use in your destination. Is it possible to bring your own car while you are in abroad? No, it is not! But, how can you get the cheapest car rental for your fun traveling? This article will show you how to go for it.

First, you can visit the rental companies sites which are available on the web. Go directly to the company’s website and search for the best deal that suits your budget. Or, you also can visit to help you find what best rental services in your destination.

Second, you shouldn’t use airport car hire for the sake of avoiding an excess airport fee. It is widely known that airport rental costs a greater than the other car rentals from somewhere in the area you will stay.

Third, you should use search engines, it can be Google or Yahoo! it’s up to you, to check some reputable rental companies in your destinations. And, you must pick one of them only since getting the cheapest car rentals with unknown car rental companies is too risky for tourists.

Fourth, it is important to book earlier if you want to get the cheapest car rental. It will save you money as long as you ensure and book well in advance. Even you can negotiate the price if you will use the company’s services for longer time. Add to that, you will get huge chance to choose what type of car you wish.

Fifth, explore any possibilities of special rates or special offerings the car hire companies usually offer. Some of well-known car hire companies might give special discount for the customer who uses their cars for the first time. And, it can be a golden opportunity to get the cheapest car hire for your more fun trip.

Sixth, do not choose a car rental company whose limited car supply. It would be great to book with a company when their cars are in surplus. In a nutshell they will not charge you more since they have surplus supply and cannot make use of your urgent condition.

Seventh, you have to pick and drop the car back as the contract has dealt. It all functions to avoid paying fines the company might impose.


Cheap Flights From Austin Guide – All You Need to Know About the Airport, Airlines, & Flights


Whether you live in the capital city of Texas or are simply passing through, you can use online airfare pricing tools to help you find cheap flights from Austin. The airport offers tons of nonstop flights to areas in North and South America and Europe.

The major airlines all serve the Barbara Jordan Terminal, and a few bargain airlines like Allegiant, Sun Country, and Via Air serve the South Terminal. American Airlines tends to offer very low airfare out of Austin to other major cities, like Chicago and Miami. If you need to fly to South American countries like Brazil, check out what Delta has to offer. There are dozens of other airlines as well, offering both domestic and international flights.

The Austin Bergstrom Airport (AUS) serves over 10 million passengers annually. There are over 150 departures every single day to nearly 50 destinations. Southwest is its biggest carrier, but the other big name airlines operate at a huge volume as well.

If you're interested in some REALLY cheap flights from Austin, you might want to head to Orlando, Denver, Phoenix, or Vegas. No matter which part of the country you need to visit, you should be able to find low airfare to a nearby major city. If you need to get to an international city, it might take a bit of time doing some price comparison on discount travel sites, but you should be able to find whatever you need. If you need to fly to London from Austin, you might be able to save if you take a connecting flight to Dublin. It depends on the time of year and weather conditions. Nonstop flights are available to London as well, although they might not always be the cheapest option.

Where to Park When Taking Cheap Flights from Austin

There are several parking garages and parking lots near the Austin airport, so if you plan to return to the city after a few days, you have no shortage of parking spaces to choose from. There are a variety of both self-park and valet options. You can take a shuttle to and from the parking area and airport entrance in just a matter of minutes. Complimentary veteran parking is available for vehicles displaying license plates with a DV or other Military Honors designation.

If you can't find a good deal today, don't worry – there will be plenty of chances in the future. There are multiple flights available from Austin to all major cities a week. If you want to fly to Vegas, for instance, there are nearly 30 flights a week from the AUS airport. Just sign up to receive deal alerts and install discount travel apps on your phone to track airline prices. Keep an eye out and you'll surely find cheap flights from Austin.

Use online discounts to get not only cheap flights from Austin , but affordable hotel rooms, car rentals, dining packages, and more.


International Air Travel: Make It Enjoyable and Hassle Free – Part I


International travel is an expensive and time-consuming exercise. Many of us go on international trips either for business or work related trips, to visit families, for studies in foreign countries or just for a vacation. Here are some tips to make this travel pleasant and easy on you and your pockets.

Planning your trip:

Plan your trip well in advance, if possible. This presents you an opportunity to get better air ticket deals. Airfares for international travels are seasonal. There are three main seasons: Low, Shoulder and Peak. Traveling in peak season is always the most expensive. If your trip is not time bound, plan to travel in the low season to get cheapest and low airfares. For travel in peak season, shop for deals well in advance. This assures you good price, your choice of airlines and your choice of dates. If possible, keep the travel dates flexible, as that would help you in getting lower fares. There is a notion that you can get cheap air tickets if you wait till the last minute. This is not necessarily true and during the peak season, you may run the risk of not getting a seat on any airlines at all.

There are many ways on how you can save money. Many airlines have different fares for weekday and weekend travel. If you are planning to break your journey midway, some airlines offer free stopovers while others charge a fee. Sometimes, direct / non-stop flights are expensive than the ones with one or more stops. Less known airlines can offer hard to resist deals. You can either call individual airlines to get their air fares and then compare or search on travel websites, which offer online booking facilities. While calling individual airlines can be a time consuming and tedious process, online booking sites may not be the right option if you have a few twists in your trip. And both these options may not give you access to the promotional and discount fares. The best bet will be to call a travel agent and let them do the job for you.

Travel agents are a good source to get great deals. They can help you in finding deals with more than one airline and can offer tickets for discounted prices. They have access to almost all airlines and have the expertise to search for the cheapest tickets in the market. Travel agents are a great source of information. Do not hesitate to ask them questions. They can provide valuable tips on how you can save money. Travel agents deal with more than one traveler at a time and hence may not be able to give you the details in the first call. Give them your trip details and give them some time and they can come up with really good deals for you. Travel agents are easy to spot as many of them have websites. A travel agency with excellent customer service is an asset. Some travel sites like (http://www.TravelWorldServices), (, etc. offer personalized over-the-phone services on travel to various destinations across the world.

There are several travel agencies around the world. However, it is important that you choose the right travel agency, which offers the best customer service at the cost of a few additional dollars. This is better than booking the ticket online or offline through a travel agency who may offer really cheap deal but may end up not delivering you the ticket or not confirming your seats.

So the first step to planning your next international trip is to get yourself a really good travel agent.


Bundle Vacation Deals Info: How to Find Airfare, Hotel Accommodation, and Car Rental Discounts


There are places you want to go, entertainment you wish to experience, landmarks you hope to see, etc. Whether it's for leisure or business, everybody wants to have a bit of fun on their next trip. One way to save is to search for bundle vacation deals. A lot of travel booking services make it easy to book the flight, airfare, and car rental together – and offer special savings when you do so.

These days, travel sites track each visitor's current location and automatically show recommendations on bundle vacation deals from the nearest airport to other cities. Sometimes a hotel stay for a select number of nights is also suggested along with the airfare. What are the cheapest places to fly to right now from the nearest airport? You can sort the results in a number of ways, including ascending price, descending price, hotel rating, number of nights, etc.

If your travel plans include flying from an airport that is NOT near your current location, you can easily change the departure location or simply use a private browsing session. You can be as flexible as you wish as well with the airport and dates. In fact, experts recommend being flexible with your travel plans since fares go up or down on a frequent basis.

It's also easier to save on bundle vacation deals if you are willing to have connections when your flight. Nobody likes the hassle of having to either sit and wait all day at multiple airports OR trying to run through an airport to catch a connection, but if you are willing to do so, it will be easier to obtain cheap airfare.

Other Considerations in Bundle Vacation Deals

Even if you plan on going on a cruise, you still will likely need a hotel to stay the night before departure, as well as flight if you don't live in a city with a cruise port. Almost any trip these days, regardless of the circumstances will probably require at least one night's stay at a hotel or motel. However, a lot of hotels only give discounts if you stay for at least two nights in a row, so you might want to adjust your travel plans accordingly. It might actually be cheaper to book for an extra night instead of just on.

Another thing to consider when looking for bundle vacation deals is car rental. Most travel discount sites will let you search for a car rental as well as airfare and hotel accommodation. Just enter the pick-up and drop-off locations and the dates for which you will need the vehicle. If you don't plan on renting a car, then look and see which hotels offer airport shuttles when comparing rooms and rates.

No matter where you want to go, online websites can help you get there at an affordable price. Use the site's search and comparison tools to find bundle vacation deals and decide which one is the best for you. You can also save by using online coupon codes.


Tips to Purchase Your Travel Insurance


Buying travel insurance is not as simple as you think. Firstly, it is way more different than buying an article you’ve long desired and wait for its price to drop soon. It’s even different from buying an airplane ticket where you go online and do a price comparison to look for the cheapest one.

People who are new to it often find it very hard to get their way around it. Firstly, they struggle with the idea of whether they really need to get it or not. Most travelers believe they don’t really need it and coverage is simply spending more money unnecessarily.

To solve your confusions, here is an ultimate guide to buying travel insurance.

1. Do You Need Insurance?

To begin with, there are many countries that won’t let you in if you don’t have it. But the chances are that you’ll get away with many destinations that allow you to get away without it.

So do you wonder why you still need that? You’re right in thinking so. But it’s mandatory to be traveling with valid travel insurance. You plan a vacation because you want to escape all the stresses of life and have the time of your life. That is great thinking, but might not always end up being how you’ve planned.

Accidents never come with an invitation and are never welcomed. But they can become very bitter if you’re not prepared to battle with them. This is where travel insurance comes extremely useful.

2. Buy it Early

We all refrain from buying travel insurance because it is expensive. One of the sensible ways of saving on your buy is to get your travel insurance early. You’d still be only paying for the time you’re traveling.

However, you would still be covered for that time free of any charge.

So if you choose to purchase your insurance three months prior to flying, any changes to your travel plans are likely to be covered by your insurance company. It’s better not to wait last minute for things to go wrong and get your insurance beforehand.

3. Purchase Online

Nearly all of us admire online purchasing simply because there are plenty of discounts available. This is why it may be a great option to buy your insurance cover online.

However, this is not as simple as it may sound. Online purchases are mostly done with a low price indicator. But when buying travel insurance, there’s way more than just looking at the price. Before making the purchase, it is a must to carefully examine your policy and ensure you’ve studied it in depth.


Travel Tips for the Backpacker on a Limited Budget in India


You don’t have to travel to India in luxury. In fact, many times the best way to see India is by attending free events, staying at hostels and eating at inexpensive restaurants the locals recommend. When traveling through India, there are endless cheap and free options when planning your itinerary. Here, we’ve laid out our top travel tips and cheap ideas for backpackers traveling throughout India.

While there are many budget hotels in India, hostels may still be the cheapest route. Hostels are safe, clean and although you usually have to share a bedroom with up to six others, they are like minded travelers like yourself. In exchange, you stay in a comfortable bed for a very cheap rate at roughly Rs 100 (2 USD). Some hostels can even work out an arrangement with you, for example, a free week’s stay in exchange for housekeeping or dish washing help. Whether you’re staying in Bombay, Goa or New Delhi, there are a number of cheap accommodations for you that are available year round.

Eating cheaply in India is easy to do. India has plenty of affordable alternatives to the high end restaurants such street food snacks. Eating cheap in India has become a trend on the rise, when backpackers living on a budget for extended stays in and around Asia became popular. If you come to India during the off peak travel season, you will find hotel and restaurants prices to be lower. A dollar can be stretched quite a ways in India, if you’re OK with eating rice and dhal quite often. South India is known for its thali – aka – all you can eat meal – for as little as Rs 25-30 (50 cents USD). North India’s meals tend to be a bit more expensive, but by sticking to vegetarian meals you can save a bit of money as opposed to meat dishes which will always run a little higher.

India is a great country to explore, especially when it comes to seeing historical sites and cultural districts. There is an unlimited assortment of fascinating things to do, and whether you’re a solo backpacker or traveling with your family, India is full of free activities to keep your budget in check. First, take advantage of the many annual festivals throughout the year. Watch in amazement at the men forming themselves into a human pyramid on Krishna Janmashtami or see 50,000 camels come together at the town of Pushcar for the annual camel fair. Temples are a big part of Indian culture and also bring about plenty of cheap entertainment and discussion for travelers. There are many to see, including the Haji Ali mosque in Mumbai or the Galta Monkey Temple in Jaipur. If you need a day to relax from the sightseeing and people watching, spend the day at one of India’s many beaches. It’s free, it’s relaxing and it’s beautiful. What’s better than that?


All About Consolidator Fares (Airfares)


In simple terms, consolidators are airline ticket brokers who buy air tickets from airlines (in bulk and at heavy discounts) and sell them to the travel agencies for a profit. Travel agencies in turn offer such consolidator fares to the consumers (after adding their profits to the price). The airlines use consolidators to offload their excess seat capacities and hence give away blocks of seats at very low price to these consolidators. The consolidator fares, even after markup by consolidators and then by travel agencies, are significantly discounted (up to 70%) to the published fares of airlines. So, the consumers get the cheapest airline fares. Thus, everyone in the equation gains from consolidator fares.

Consolidator fares are available to the consumers both through online and offline (Brick and mortar) travel agencies. However, most flight search engines do not include the consolidator fares in their airfare search results. Including consolidator fares in the airfare search results in not so straightforward (technically) as the other types of potential. So, most search engines think it better to leave them out. That said, there are some online travel agencies that actually specialize in finding the consolidator unless for the consumers eg is one such online travel agency that provides access to a pilot from several consolidators in Canada. Actually, such online agencies are where you find the cheapest most.

People go to consolidators since they help save a lot of money on international revolution. And there are none denying this fact. But there are a few things that you should keep in mind when looking for the best consolidator fares. Here are the top tips for booking the best consolidator fares:

1. Check Several Options: Since consolidator fares are marked up twice before they reach the consumers – first by the consolidators and then by the travel agencies, there can be significant difference in the consolidator fares from various travel agencies. You must shop around for consolidator fares in order to get the best deal. If you can locate a travel agency (especially online travel agencies) that specializes in providing consolidator fares then nothing like it.

2. The Price: This is the first thing that you must check on a consolidator airfare. Check if the price includes taxes and other fees. Ask your travel agent about the total payment (all inclusive airfare) that you will need to make for the flight. Good travel agencies (online as well as offline travel agencies) will normally specify the fare inclusive of taxes and fees etc, but some others might not do so. This will also help you in filtering out the deals quickly (after all, 'price' is the main thing that you are looking for in consolidator fares).

3. Frequent Flier Miles: Check if frequent flier miles will accrue to you on consolidator fares. It's a good idea to tell the travel agent about the frequent flier programs that you are enrolled onto. Some good travel agents might take a note of this and in case a same price option is available with your preferred airline, they might book you on that airline. However, this will be of use only if the airline credits frequent flier miles on consolidator fares too.

4. Flexibility: Show your flexibility on the travel dates, in order to get the best consolidator fares. First check the airfare for the dates that best suit you. If the fares are not as good for your best dates and if you are really flexible on the dates, then let the travel agent know about your flexibility. You might sometimes get really good fast in this way.

5. Verify The Details: Once you receive the tickets verify your name, dates and other details as appearing on the ticket.


How to Travel the World As Cheap As Possible


I have been traveling for longer now so during that time I have noticed some things which I'd like to share with you. If you dream of traveling the world and you are far away from being a millionaire, then this is the right post for you. I am just one of the many examples that prove it is more than possible.

There have been many articles on this topic, and many more are about to come yet as travel the world becomes a dream of many. Here are some of the tips I personally use to travel as cheap as possible and still have a place to stay (not a grass in the park or a bus station), food to eat and a lot of fun.

Save money on transportation

This is one of the most important things to travel cheap. Overland travel is usually cheaper than traveling by plane, so try not to move too often from one place to the one exactly in the opposite part of the world. Better get a ticket to a place and explore it deeper, then move on overland and do not go back, just move forwards to another destination. Make a route without coming back to the same place more times.

If you can, hitchhike or hire a car if you travel with more people so you can split the expenses. Try to walk as much as possible and don't use taxis to move inside a town. Your feet are your best friend. Trust me, it is easy to walk even a couple of kilometers per day (which will help you to stay fit, too), and if not, use the public transport. Remember, no taxis are allowed.

Save money on food

There is just one tip to use when it comes to eating when on the road – avoid eating out in restaurants. Not only dinners, but breakfast and any snack can be really expensive when bought out, especially in some countries (eg Europe.) Try to cook and prepare your meals every time you get a chance, it will save you a lot of money. If sometimes you have no kitchen available, then try local markets to get the best fruit / vegetable / meat and in many cases, you can get there as well a ready meal for very little.

If you do not have any other chance but to dine out, then find a good place outside the touristic zone. If locals go there, it is the best sign. It will be much cheaper and probably even more tasty as they have more time to prepare it without all the tourist hassle. Get the menu of the day. Be careful though, in some countries you can easily get stomachache or diarrhea if you are not used to local food.

Save money on accommodation

Logically, no 5 * hotels nor the 4 * and no all inclusive holidays. The cheapest way are usually the youth hostels but you have to get used to share the room and bathroom with others so no privacy offered. If you stay for longer than 2 – 3 weeks, then rent an apartment.

Outside the center / far away from the beach / or any place often visited by tourists is always a lot cheaper than exactly where everyone goes. Small hotels run by the locals are less expensive than the big hotel resorts. And for free, try the home exchange or that are widely used now.

Save money on travel agencies

Most of the time, not just travel agencies cost you more than if you took a trip on your own, but if they book your ticket, they charge commissions for that, too. So use some websites such as Scyscanner, Kayak, Expedia yourself and take time checking up everything to find the best deal. You can save even half of the price or more when checking properly the plane tickets.

Or, make your own travel blog and start promoting travel agencies for a free trip in exchange (called press trip.)


10 Countries To Travel On The Cheap


Travelling the world can be expensive, particularly in countries like Australia, the United States, the UK or Western Europe. Hotels, food and sightseeing can quickly add up and eat up your budget in no time. Although these places are expensive, there are many other countries that you can travel on very little money. Here are 10 countries to travel on the cheap.

1. Laos

Laos is a beautiful landlocked country in South-East Asia, bordered by Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and China. Rich in culture and natural beauty, Laos has a lot to offer the budget traveller. Guest houses are cheap and it’s quite easy to find one under $10 per night. Like most Asian countries, street food is aplenty and very cheap at around $1 per meal. Even restaurant meals will only cost a couple of dollars. It’s quite easy to travel Laos on $20-$30 per day.

2. Guatemala

There are many bargains to be had in Central America, but Guatemala is a lot cheaper than the more popular Panama and Costa Rica. Beautiful beaches, rainforest, mountains and ancient ruins are all on offer, and it can be travelled on the cheap. It’s easy to get a room under $20 per night and cheap eats are available as well at only a couple of dollars per meal. It’s possible to travel Guatemala on under $35 per day.

3. Greece

It’s possible to travel on the cheap in Europe. Greece is particularly cheap now due to the recession, and it’s a great option for budget travellers. Hostel rooms can be found for $10 per night, and street food is available, with delicious gyros costing only $2-$3. Even with a few restaurant meals you can easily travel Greece for under $40 per day.

4. India

India has always been a cheap country to travel, and with such a rich culture and so much to see and do, it makes an excellent budget travel destination. Rooms can range greatly in price depending on where you go and what comfort level you want, however cheap options are almost always available. Cheap food is also always available, and tastes amazing! It’s possible to travel India on $20-$35 per day.

5. Cambodia

Like Laos, Cambodia is another country full of culture and beauty, with a lot to see and do. Rooms can be found for as little as $2 per night, however a budget of $10 per night is reasonable. Street food in Cambodia is wonderful and costs under $1 per meal, while restaurant meals cost only a couple of dollars as well. Some people have been known to travel Cambodia on as little as $10 per day, but it’s more reasonable to budget $20-$30 per day and really enjoy yourself.

6. Romania

There are many budget options in Eastern Europe and Romania is a great choice. Full of history and interesting people and places, it doesn’t receive the attention that it deserves. If you stay in hostels and eat at cheap eateries, you can travel Romania on $30-$40 per day.


Bolivia is an excellent budget destination in South America. High up in the Andes, Bolivia offers a lot to see and do. You can get a room for under $15 per night, while food can be as low as $2 per meal, depending on where you eat. A good budget for Bolivia is around $35 per day.

8. Vietnam

Like other South East Asian countries, Vietnam is perfect for budget travellers and is full of great culture and natural beauty. Comfortable rooms cost around $10 per night and street food is all under $1 per meal. Restaurant meals only cost $1-$3 per meal. It’s possible to travel on under $15 per day in Vietnam, however a more comfortable budget would be around $20-$30 per day.

9. Honduras

Another Central American bargain is the lovely little country of Honduras. You can find rooms for under $15 per night, while cheap meals only cost a few dollars. It’s quite feasible to travel in Honduras on under $35 per day.

10. Nepal

Nepal is probably the cheapest country I have been to, and possible the most beautiful. It’s a very poor country and travel costs reflect that. Budget rooms and local meals only cost a few dollars. If you wanted to, it would be possible to travel in Nepal for under $10 per day, however it largely depends on what you want to do. If you take trekking tours etc, then your budget will increase a lot. On that note, you can still easily travel Nepal for under $30 per day.

There are many other countries in the world that fit into this category, these are just to name a few. Travelling the world can be very cheap if you know where to go.