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Jak snížit tlak v hlavě. epidemiologija

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Do not let children and frail persons get near the appliance when in use. Check the appliance for damage. Do not use an appliance that is defective or damaged.

jak snížit tlak v hlavě

Have the appliance repaired only in an authorised service centre. Do not try to execute any repair yourselves.


Repairs and replacement of parts may only be performed by an authorised service centre. Be careful of the tripping hazard near the leaf vacuum.

jak snížit tlak v hlavě

The person working with the appliance should not be distracted. The protective equipment of the appliance must not be demounted or otherwise put out of operation in any case.

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Damaged or defective protective equipment must be immediately replaced. When working with the leaf vacuum, do not let yourself be disturbed, act wisely before paying attention to a new situation.

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At regular intervals, check whether all screws, nuts and other fasteners are tight firmly. Never place tools or materials above the appliance so that they cannot fall on the appliance. Do not overload the appliance, otherwise it will run more slowly and overheat.

Do not plug too many electrical devices into a single multiple electrical outlet.

Do not try to take out the leaf bag when the appliance is running. This can only be performed when the appliance is off.

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The appliance must first be jak snížit tlak v hlavě off and the spark plug removed before removing any defect. Adjusting, measurement, cleaning, etc. Do not leave the place of your work unattended if the engine is not turned off. If servicing or a repair of the safety and protective equipment is to be performed, such equipment must be refitted properly after servicing or a repair is finished.

It is essential to know the accident prevention regulations applicable in the place of use of the appliance and all other, generally recognised safety regulations.

jak snížit tlak v hlavě

Ensure solid footing and keep balance during your work. Check the appliance for any sign of wear.

vzduchu v pneumatikách

Make sure the parts slightly affected at first sight are working properly. Check whether all movable parts are working perfectly.

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Pay particular attention to any damage and fixing parts. All parts must be installed properly and meet all conditions for perfect working.

Nachází se na travertinovém kopci nedaleko od městečka Spišské Podhradie na katastru obce Žehra asi 5 km severozápadně od ní. Počátky osídlení skalního útesu nad Spiší sahají až do mladší doby kamenné a na přelomu našeho letopočtu vyvrcholilo zdejší pravěké osídlení vybudováním mohutného hradiště lidu tzv. Počátky samotného hradu pak sahají někam do Postupně tak vznikl samostatný správní útvar, vedený jako Spišský komitát, jehož centrem se stal právě Spišský hrad.

Unless otherwise provided in these Operating Instructions, damaged parts and safety equipment must be repaired or replaced by an authorised service centre. Have any defective switches replaced in an authorised service centre.

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The appliance complies with all relevant safety regulations. Repairs may only be executed by qualified electricians in an authorised service centre, using original spare parts.

Failure to do so may result in injury. Do not operate the appliance in the day time when other people would be disturbed by unexpected noise e.

Systém detekce ztráty

Times given in local regulations must be complied with. To keep the sound pressure level as low as possible, the number of simultaneously working appliances must be limited. Do not add more gas than it is necessary for the respective work. Before use, check the appliance, especially the exhaust muffler, air suction and the air filter. Emergency procedure Conduct a first-aid procedure adequate to the injury and summon qualified medical attendance as quickly as possible.


Protect the injured person from further harm and calm them down. For the sake of eventual accident, in accordance with Jak snížit tlak v hlavěa workplace has to be fitted with a first-aid kit. It is essential to replace any used material in the first-aid kit immediately after it has been used. If you seek help, state the following pieces of information