How to Find Inexpensive Airfares


Once in a while you need a vacation to recharge, relax and of course to see the world. There are places that you dream of visiting but the expenses especially the airfare prevents you from your vacation plans. But if you keep looking at the right places and know the different factors affecting airfare prices, it is not that hard to find inexpensive airfares.
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With a lot of travel agencies and airlines now, you have a lot of options to find inexpensive airfares. With the growing competition on airlines and travel agencies, it is easier now to find inexpensive airfares. Aside from comparing prices from travel agencies and airlines, there are also other factors to consider for finding the cheapest airfare.
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Popularity of destination. As much as possible avoid popular destination on peak season. Traveling on off season with lowest demand on airfares will give you an advantage to find inexpensive airfares for your vacation.
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Frequent flyer program. Joining frequent flyer program is another way to find inexpensive airfares and get discounts on airfare and other goods or services.
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Use your age. You can get great deals and discounts if you use your age. Students and senior citizen can avail discount on airfares.
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Plan your vacation early. Planning your vacation early will allow you to have more time to find inexpensive airfares and compare prices. You can visit different airlines and travel agencies websites. You can also check with consolidators and newspapers travel ads.
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Flexibility. Be flexible with your travel or vacation time and destination. You have a big chance to find inexpensive airfares if you avoid weekends. Fly on mid-week and consider late night or early flights to get the cheapest airfare. Also consider alternate airport near your destination.
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Impressive Cheap Miami Flights


Make traveling a lifetime experience by saving money and your time on better airways that proudly offer cheap tickets to Miami. Various premium offers and deals are provided by dozens of airlines but it is always careful to consider the cheaper deals because they are lighter on your wallet. Traveling can be so much fun if you try cheaper and easier deals. Several cheap Miami flights can be found easily if you search for the right options. However it is wise to remember that cheap tickets could also mean cheap service. Always remember to consult your local travel guide for more information. Here are a few impressive cheap Miami flights for you.
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We all know that Miami is the city of vibrancy and excitement. With all the cultural diversity and tropical beauty, Miami is a place you certainly ought to visit. If you plan on spending your vacation in Miami, learn more about deals for cheap Miami tickets. It is always smart to consult all details related to the flight, service and stops on the way. We all know no one would like to settle for a low-quality deal. Given below are a few cheap Miami flights.
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Aero Continente offers one of the best discounts on a Miami flight. Requiring only a meager $155 from your wallet, this airline promises you the smoothest and friendliest journey to the city of beach fun. This flight will land you on the Southern end of Florida. Within close proximity of Cuba, you will be welcome with cultural entertainment and warm Floridian colors from all over the state. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are offered by a well-maintained cooking staff on the airplane. Movies and other amusement features are provided for a less-boring journey. Who knew $155 could offer such fun?
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American Airlines offer a fair deal with a low airfare for its travelers. At a small price of $195, it can take you from New York City to Miami in a matter of several smoothly passed hours. Cheap tickets like these are a rare kind. A cordial staff, good food and other services are provided to each and every passenger on board. Impressive service is provided by all hosts and hostesses. Departure and arrival times vary from day to day. Usually it is offered in the evening while arrival takes place in the morning. Special discounts are offered in winter season when everyone wants to run away from the snow flakes for some beach entertainment.
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Aero Mexico is an airline from Mexico. It offers the cheapest deals along with the best services for tickets to Miami. Since it is situated a several hours away from the hub of happening, Aero Mexico is a deal you cannot and should not miss. Friendly hostesses, smooth journey and good food; what else could you ask for? With a tickets ranging from $205 to $150, this airline provides top notch traveling at the lowest rates. Corporate and leisure travelers can avail to this opportunity of convenient traveling.
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ACES also offers perfect deals at the cheapest rates on different and special occasions like The Imperial City. If you are an avid fan of Japanese entertainment and culture then Miami Airlines have the best offer you could buy.
Tokyo, the city of the rising Sun, awaits you with open arms. Who can take you there on the lowest of prices? ACES, of course, is the answer. Famous for its smooth and quick journey, this airline is an option you ought not to miss. With tickets at the lowest rate of $210, cheap yet first-class quality could not have been easier to find.
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Air France is famous for its low rates and good quality. Tickets ranging at a low price like $230, traveling could not have been easier. Departures usually take off in Paris and arrival lands in Miami. The transition of such a journey is not only impressive but enjoyable. Buy your ticket right now and experience a roundabout tenure full of cultural and continental transformation. This can only happen at a low price offered by Air France.
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All sorts of cheap Miami flights are offers many travelers look for. However it is smart and safe to consult for in-depth information related to air fare and other services through local travel guides. We wish you a safe journey!



Inexpensive Methods to Travel the World


Many people dream about being able to someday retire and travel the world. There are also a growing number of people who are considering career breaks and time after school to travel extensively. A top concern and deterrent of these individuals is the cost of travel. This article will outline the several ways to save on transportation costs to allow discounted travel around the world.
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Know your top destinations, but be flexible. Making a list of top destinations is an excellent outline for a travel plan, but keeping flexibility on how and when you arrive there is a key to budget travel.
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• Airlines use specific airport hubs to connect flights to other destinations. Searching for direct flights both in and out of these locations can save significant amounts of money on tickets. It also often allows for time to explore the area around these hubs between flights.
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• Start at an end destination and work your way back. Look at a top destination’s airport website and look at all inbound and outbound flights. This will give you information on which hubs service these locations most often, and other possible destinations of interest you can use as a connection.
Time is your friend. Long-term travel requires considerable planning with as much notice as possible.
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• Taking time to research destinations is key to affordable pricing. Traveling to destinations during popular events will cost more than during non-peak times. Researching all forms of transportation are key: South America, and Asia offer luxury buses that are often cheaper and more comfortable than flights, while crossing the Atlantic Ocean can be cheaper on a cruise than by a flight once lodging and meals are factored in.
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• Having flexibility in time of travel is a significant source of savings. Searching tickets over a month time-frame will allow for the cheapest options. Additional flexibility in travel time, and not being rushed to your destination will also allow for multiple connections and long layovers, the cheapest tickets usually available.
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• Many cruise lines and some airlines offer a best price guarantee but do not advertise it. Booking well in advance and routinely checking back for drops in ticket prices gives you the opportunity to contact the company and request they match their current price. If they will not match the price often companies will provide you with a credit of the difference in price to use on future travel.
Use technology to your advantage. The Internet is the best tool for planning, searching, and booking cheap travel.
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• Many search engines allow for you to search multiple airlines over multiple dates to find the lowest prices.

• Checking directly with the airline, cruise line, or bus company and not through a travel agent will give a comparison for all other prices. Signing up for the travel company’s newsletters and loyalty groups will often provide you with first access to special pricing.
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• Following travel companies and travel groups on social media provides direct access to immediate news and specials. Travel groups often post glitches in booking software and most travel companies repair these in minutes. Followers that are able to book during the window of glitches are usually allowed to keep their prices. Travel companies occasionally offer followers discounts and travel credits for public feedback on social media.
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• Use the booking company’s currency conversion. Changing the booking to multiple currencies can provide significant savings. Often changing currency in software assumes you are in a poorer region and provides discounted pricing. A quick search engine lookup will provide you with an accurate conversion, and a global credit card with no international fees is best for purchase.
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Planning well in advance, keeping flexible travel times, and using technology to your advantage can allow you to follow your dreams and travel the world at an affordable price!
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Top 5 Cheapest Destinations to Fly to in the USA

Flights are expensive. I often have enough hotel and car points to get rooms and rentals free, but I’ll still break the bank if I go on the trip because of the flight alone.

The thing is, eventually I wanted to go outside of driving distance. Who doesn’t want to see the world? Luckily, there are certain destinations that are routinely cheaper than others. If you’re able to book early and get the right price, you might get a HUGE break.

1. Chicago: Consistently the cheapest flight price from basically anywhere in the U.S., Chicago is such a mid-country hub that airlines luckily make it easy for virtually anyone to get there. While it’s not the flashiest or biggest city, it does have a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing, especially if you’ve never been!

2. Orlando: Luckily for all us Disney fanatics, Orlando ranks second cheapest for flight prices. This varies greatly depending on the season, but in general, your most biggest costs here will be Disney park tickets themselves.

3. Washington D.C.: Another cheaper option year-round, Washington D.C. is always a solid choice for a visit. There’s tons of history, but it’s also a hopping city if you’re looking for something more current. It’s obviously a political world if you have any interest in that, but even the architecture is fun to tour if you’e not. The cherry blossoms are also gorgeous in the spring!

4. New York City: Oh, NYC. If you’ve never been, get on a plane and check it out at least once. While tickets aren’t as cheap as others on this list, they’re not crazy either. Most flights have a stopover in NYC, making it somewhat feasible to travel to. The city is amazing (albeit expensive) with almost endless things to do.

5. Austin, Texas: Having never been to Austin, I can’t give a personal recommendation, but am told that it’s a fun yet very spiritual city (do those even go together?). I also know that again, many flights have stopovers here, making it generally cheaper; it’s also not a huge destination for leisure travel, so it’s likely to be less expensive than other tourism based cities.

For extra discounts, try using apps that hide your browser location so the airlines don’t check where you’re searching from and hike up the prices (seriously, I’ve saved over $50 this way). Cheers to discounted US travel!



Bitcoin price analysis

Social media activity is a metric that measures the impact of a product through buzz and feeling. The analysis can reveal some interesting data especially in digital assets such as Bitcoin, where the hype plays an important role. In another case, it reveals what people perceive of emerging but disruptive technologies.

While the United States dominates discussions about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, new studies reveal that the most valuable currency in the world is not as popular in South America as previously thought.

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Fighting against inflation, and in some cases hyperinflation as in Venezuela, a new study by The Tie reveals the opposite. In a report, The Geography of Crypto Twitter: An in-depth look at Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP and Bitcoin Cash, of the 113,685 tweets from Latin America were positive about Bitcoin.
Only Peru, with 93.1 percent of its tweet during the seven days of testing, painted Bitcoin under a good light. Interestingly, despite reports of Bitcoin’s role as a safe haven in Venezuela, citizens openly criticized Bitcoin. An excerpt from the statement reads:

With the exception of Peru, where 93.1% of tweets are the positive sentiment of Bitcoin in South America it is extremely low relative to the rest of the world.

How To Find Super Cheap Airline Tickets


With the cost of air travel on the increase, many people are currently paying more than you should do for their airline tickets. In order for you to travel comfortably within your budget, it is vital that you learn how to find super cheap airline tickets.

Use travel search engines to find yourself the best air travel deals, remember to use multiple online travel agency websites. These websites will search the best deals on the market for you, if you are flexible then you can make huge savings on the cost of your air travel.

In order to get super cheap airline tickets, you should always make note of the prices. You can use online websites in order to keep up to date with the change in price of air tickets and also to find the dates and times of the cheapest flights.

You must subscribe to the airline websites, sign up their newsletters and as a subscriber you will be eligible to receive details of any special offers the airlines have during the year. Another step you should take is to give the airlines a call and ask them if they have any special offers which are not published on their website.

If you know someone who is a frequent flyer or someone who works in the travel industry, then ask them for some tips. These people will often have the knowledge and can share with you ways to get super cheap airline tickets.

When you decide to book your flight, always check with the company whether you may be entitled to any other special discounts. Remember to consider package deals, which usually include the cost of your plane tickets and hotels, these deals can sometimes give you massive savings.


Make My Trip – Providing Complete Flying Solutions


When you will look for a good service provider for travelling needs you will surely find a lot of them. However, you need to look for the one which provides you with complete flying solutions. If you are looking for best travel packages, cheap air tickets and all kinds of travel related services then you must avail the services of a good travelling company like Make My Trip. You can even take a virtual tour of the various tourists destination on its website. Also, you can seek the advice from experts who are online to solve all you travel related queries and to ensure that you get the best bargain when it comes to air travel. It is ideal for providing the airline booking facility. Flyers generally visit this website to know about the various flying deals and discounts which are being offered by the different airlines.

There are many travelling service providers,which offers you the cheapest air tickets. They have got structured packages for various sects including specific groups, business houses, family etc. Also, the service providers have come up with some unique thematic getaways which are surely going to impress you a lot.

Apart from availing the cheapest air tickets, you can also make use of the extensive network of hotel chains which are being offered by the service providers and can book accommodation as per your budget. Make My Trip also gives you the provision of cruise liners as well as luxurious cars so as to make you travel in style and comfort. All these facilities which this service provider is offering can be availed at highly affordable price. Also the whole process of opting for these packages is hassle free.

There are many travelers who look for the airline tickets at the last minute. But you need not worry, as majority of the service providers allow you to book cheap air tickets even at the last minute. So, if you want to make your trip pocket friendly and cost effective, then you must go for a good and reputed service provider. You can also do comparison of various travel packages on their websites.

Lastly, you need to look for the ways that will help you get the cheapest and easiest way to book air tickets. All you need to do is to sign in to the website of the service provider and look for the destination. Then you need to browse the airline schedules and book the tickets accordingly. The payment can be made through plenty of options including Credit Card, Debit Card, Online money transfer etc.


Tips and Tricks For Cheap Flight Tickets!


There are different methods by which you can get cheap airline tickets. But not everyone knows how to do it! As a result, we decided that we would write an article to help out everyone find the cheapest and most affordable tickets on the internet to help them travel on a tiny budget. And here is what we found out!

1. There are several parent websites that offer cheap and affordable flights for passengers. You will have to be aware of when the offers come in and for how long they last at the site. For this you will have to pay close attention to the websites and log in everyday to catch the offers early. Please remember that festive season will mean a higher ticket cost as compared to off season. Try to travel during off season as you will easily get tickets and they will be cheaper too.

2. Remember that weekday tickets are cheaper than weekend tickets as you will find that most people prefer to travel during weekends and this can raise the ticket price. Weekdays like Tuesday will have the least flight price.

3. Use travel packages which include tickets, car rentals and even room bookings to get the cheapest flight tickets possible. Taking on bulk deals means that the ticket company can give you discounts on your package price.

4. Book standby tickets. These are the cheapest tickets as most airlines overbook during peak time and there are good chances that the overbooked tickets will be offloaded when the flight gets full. But during off-season, using wait listed sites will just get you a substantial discount as there is not a chance of you being offloaded when the plane is half empty.

5. Book well in advance. Most airlines have an advance booking policy where you can choose tickets about a month in advance. This reduces the price of the ticket considerably. You also get a confirmed ticket that will really help you out in the long run.


Awesome Tips on How to Find the Cheapest Car Rental


With the emergence of the internet and the multitude of rental cars available both online and offline, you won’t have a hard time looking for the cheapest rental car. Although some people find it a bit puzzling because of the many choices available, if you exert a little time and effort, you will find the cheapest rental car that’s perfect for your need and your budget. As long as you know where to look, then you’re pretty much covered.

The internet has made it easy for most customers to look for the cheapest car rental. Most car rental websites are complete with all the information you need. Travel websites also include car rental information in their travel packages so customers could easily compare prices and avail of their choice.

You have to compare and contrast the prices of different car rental companies to find out what is the cheapest one around. But there’s another way for you to save more money when getting a car rental. You have to know how long you will need to use a car rental. If you need the car for a week or so, it’s better to rent one from a local car rental company because they are usually priced a little bit lower than those from major companies.

If you need a car for only a few days, you will find the cheapest rental car from national rental car companies. You can even make it a lot cheaper by checking your frequent flyer miles and credit card programs. They usually exchange your points for big discounts or free rental car services. This way, you also get to avoid the exorbitant drop-off fees if you’re availing of one-way rentals, plus airport surcharges, local taxes, and gasoline fees.

Insurance fees make rental cars more expensive. Check with your credit card company or car insurance if you are already covered with car rental insurance, particularly insurance for collision damage. The answer is most likely yes. Then, you wouldn’t have to pay for high insurance fees like collision damage waiver and loss damage waiver when renting cars.

Problems always arise in any business transaction when a customer seems to be paying for fees that were unknown to him before. These are the hidden fees written on fine print. So you have to read the entire terms and conditions to know if you are getting what you are paying for, and if you won’t have to pay for any more extra fees afterwards. There are restrictions and penalties and you have to know what these are. Otherwise, you might end up paying more than you’re willing to spend.

All this information should be able to help you. All you have to do is spend a little time going over all the information in rental car websites and apply the tips found here. Happy renting and travel safely!


6 Ultimate Discount Travel Tips


We are almost into 2017. And most likely you have made New Year resolutions- exercise, eat healthy, quit smoking, etc. However, travelling more is something that you may want to consider in the New Year. Most people tend not to travel a lot because they think that it is too expensive but the good news is that saving money when you travel is quite simple. In fact, discount travel is now easier than ever before and here are 6 tips to get you started as follows:

1. Engage The Sharing Economy

A few decades ago, travelers had to find accommodation in the yellow pages, book flights at the airport, and plan their itinerary weeks, if not months in advance. Thankfully, those days are long gone with today’s sharing economy offering travelers more options- and competition denotes savings. And while many sharing economy sites have been in existence for years, their growth continues to be phenomenal. For instance, Airbnb boasted slightly over half a million listings two years ago, and now it has over a million. Vacationers can, therefore, put the sharing economy to work for just about anything- from where you sleep to meals, guided tours, transportation etc. Some of the most popular sites include Airbnb, EatWith, BlaBlaCar, and Guided by a Local.

2. Try Budget Airlines

While gas prices may be at their cheapest in years, this does not translate to regular airlines lowering their fares. If anything, they are trying to squeeze in more seats in order to make more money. Thankfully, there are a host of budget airlines such as Air Asia, Wow, and Norwegian Air that fly cheaply from Asia and Europe to the U.S. They do the same thing as regular airlines, flying you between continents, but with no frills and at lower costs. For example, Norwegian Air operates flights from both American coasts to mainland Europe for as little as $150 for a one-way flight. Once there, holiday makers can then find their way to Asia for only $200 one-way. Even more interesting is that Air Asia operates $20 one-way flights around the region and if you need to visit Australia from Asia, a one-way ticket will only set you back $150.

3. Visit Cheaper Destinations

This is really a no-brainer. A weekend stay at a five-star hotel in Paris will definitely cost more than the same trip, to say, Prague. Take advantage of destinations whose economies are underperforming or those that have great exchange rates. Currently, some destinations that may be of interest to travelers include Greece (bad economy), India, Australia, Russia, and Japan (all of which have seen their currencies fall in comparison to the dollar thus making them way more affordable. Admittedly, while the prices in these destinations have not fallen, they have become cheaper owing to the drop in currencies.

4. Book Cheap Tours And Cruises

While it may seem risky, it is advisable to book tours and cruises at the very last minute when tour companies are likely to be desperate in an attempt to fill unsold spots. By waiting until a few weeks to your vacation date or date of travel, you are likely to get upwards of 50% off the price list. With beach vacations, you can also find great deals if you take out a beach vacation guide well in advance of your holiday when companies sell the cheapest accommodation. Also, try using the last minute specials of your preferred tour company if you wish to go for a tour or Cruise Sheet in case of cruises.

5. Visit The Nation’s Time Machine With Your Children

Colonial Yorktown, Jamestown, and Williamsburg are absorbing discount travel destinations all year-round, as historic interpreters in period costumes help modern families appreciate what life was like before the advent of indoor plumbing, computers, or TVs. For instance, in eighteenth-century Williamsburg, you and your family should find the largest outdoor living history museum where the kids can make bricks in the summer, help weed the gardens in spring, or attend a winter slave couple’s wedding. And if you visit in the summer, you can also go to Water Country USA and Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Families can book a five-day/four-night stay including unlimited admission and accommodations for as little as $700 or less. However, if you schedule your visit in the winter, you are unlikely to have roller coasters but will enjoy fewer crowds and can join holiday celebrations.

6. Mexican Beaches

For beach vacations, all inclusive resorts are always a favorite for many travelers because holiday makers can do what they please, when they want, and there are always numerous organized activities for the kids as well as opportunities for them to make friends as well. Usually, beach vacation guides advertise bargain rates throughout the Caribbean just after Easter all the way to Thanksgiving and then again from mid-December and beyond. Mexican trips can really be a bargain and should provide your children with the ideal opportunity to practice their Spanish and experience a different culture.

For instance, at Allegro Resorts, children can stay and live free of charge up until the 20th of December and then again during the summer months. All inclusive rates for a family of four start at slightly under $160 per night, including meals, kids’ activities, sports, liquor etc. Further, Akumal’s Club Caribe- arguably one of the most popular resorts and which lies south of Cancun but smack in the middle of the Yucatan coast- is replete with prime diving, snorkeling, and plenty of Maya ruins to explore. Here, rates start at under $150 per day, inclusive of parents’ meals. Lastly, Costa Azul (an hour’s drive north of Puerto Vallarta in San Francisco, Mexico) is a soft-adventure resort that is ideal for both pre-teens and teenagers as they can among others, learn how to surf, kayak to hidden coves, trek through jungles, and swim through caves. Room rates for a family of four start at slightly under $100.


All About Consolidator Fares (Airfares)


In simple terms, consolidators are airline ticket brokers who buy air tickets from airlines (in bulk and at heavy discounts) and sell them to the travel agencies for a profit. Travel agencies in turn offer such consolidator fares to the consumers (after adding their profits to the price). The airlines use consolidators to offload their excess seat capacities and hence give away blocks of seats at very low price to these consolidators. The consolidator fares, even after markup by consolidators and then by travel agencies, are significantly discounted (up to 70%) to the published fares of airlines. So, the consumers get the cheapest airline fares. Thus, everyone in the equation gains from consolidator fares.

Consolidator fares are available to the consumers both through online and offline (Brick and mortar) travel agencies. However, most airfare search engines do not include the consolidator fares in their airfare search results. Including consolidator fares in the airfare search results in not so straightforward (technically) as the other types of airfares. So, most search engines think it better to leave them out. That said, there are some online travel agencies that actually specialize in finding the consolidator airfares for the consumers e.g. http://www.gofly.ca is one such online travel agency that provides access to airfares from several consolidators in Canada. Actually, such online agencies are where you find the cheapest airfares.

People go to consolidators since they help save a lot of money on international airfares. And there are none denying this fact. But there are a few things that you should keep in mind when looking for the best consolidator fares. Here are the top tips for booking the best consolidator fares:

1. Check Several Options: Since consolidator fares are marked up twice before they reach the consumers – first by the consolidators and then by the travel agencies, there can be significant difference in the consolidator fares from various travel agencies. You must shop around for consolidator fares in order to get the best deal. If you can locate a travel agency (especially online travel agencies) that specializes in providing consolidator fares then nothing like it.

2. The Price: This is the first thing that you must check on a consolidator airfare. Check if the price includes taxes and other fees. Ask your travel agent about the total payment (all inclusive airfare) that you will need to make for the flight. Good travel agencies (online as well as offline travel agencies) will normally specify the fare inclusive of taxes and fees etc, but some others might not do so. This will also help you in filtering out the deals quickly (after all, ‘price’ is the main thing that you are looking for in consolidator fares).

3. Frequent Flier Miles: Check if frequent flier miles will accrue to you on consolidator fares. It’s a good idea to tell the travel agent about the frequent flier programs that you are enrolled onto. Some good travel agents might take a note of this and in case a same price option is available with your preferred airline, they might book you on that airline. However, this will be of use only if the airline credits frequent flier miles on consolidator fares too.

4. Flexibility: Show your flexibility on the travel dates, in order to get the best consolidator fares. First check the airfare for the dates that best suit you. If the fares are not as good for your best dates and if you are really flexible on the dates, then let the travel agent know about your flexibility. You might sometimes get really good airfares in this way.

5. Verify The Details: Once you receive the tickets verify your name, dates and other details as appearing on the ticket.


Travel the World on a Budget


Traveling the world is a dream that so many of us have, but never get to fulfill. The reasons that so many people never achieve this dream is because it doesn’t fit into “society’s plan”, they are too scared to travel, and also because most people think that they just can’t afford to travel. The truth is that traveling doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think. If you do your research you can travel all around the world on a budget. Some destinations cost more than others, for example traveling in Asia is a lot cheaper than traveling in Europe. But it doesn’t matter where you go, there is always a way to save money to make your dream of traveling around the world a reality.

The first thing you need to do is work out your finances. If you are like most people living in western society, you will probably be in some sort of debt, and will spend your money on buying “things”. It is these “things” that generally cause you to go into debt in the first place, and do you really need these things? Or do you just think that you do because everyone else around you has them? The fact is that things can’t make you happy if you are not living your dreams. Instead of buying “things” you could be putting your money towards fulfilling your dreams, to traveling the world, experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and just truly living and loving life. There is no better feeling in the world than achieving your dream.

So stop spending money on things that you don’t need, pay off your debts and then save save save. But how much do you need to save to travel the world? Well it all depends on where you are going, and how long for. If you want to take a typical year long around the world trip, spending time in a mixture of cheap countries and expensive countries, then a lot of people spend around $20000. It sounds like a lot of money, but think about it. That is all you need to travel around the world for a whole year! How much do you currently spend each year living the life that you don’t want to live?

Some people spend more, some people a lot less. It all depends on what you spend your money on, where you stay and where you eat. But $20000 is about an average price.

If you don’t do your research however, that $20000 will be gone in no time! So you have to be careful, and always think about what you are spending your money on. What you need to spend your money on to travel around the world is transport, accommodation, food and activities. Carry a backpack or bag with a few clothes and accessories such as a camera. You don’t need to pack your whole wardrobe, nor do you need to buy endless amounts of souvenirs, your photos and memories are the best souvenirs you can get!

Have a good look around for flights in advance, there are always plenty of airlines competing for the best price, so don’t just pick the first one you find. Compare a whole bunch until you find the cheapest one. Take public transport where ever you can, and walk whenever possible because not only is it free, you also see a lot more!

The cheapest places to stay are hostels and guest houses. Most places around the world have dorm rooms which are cheap and you get to meet a lot of other travelers and have some great experiences. In places like Asia, you can get private rooms in guest houses extremely cheap. In Laos for example, you can find rooms for as low as $2-$3 a night! And even in more expensive places like Australia, you can find dorm rooms for around $20 a night. That is a lot better than paying over $100 for a hotel room, and it’s a lot more fun!

Most hostels around the world also have kitchens, so you can buy and cook your own food, saving you a lot of money. If you want to eat out, try to avoid touristy areas, and eat where the locals eat. Street stalls have some of the cheapest food you can find, and are often delicious and local. In South East Asia you can get street food for around $1 per meal. In Italy I got delicious pizza for about $2 a slice.

As far as sightseeing goes, try to visit places that have free entry, and avoid booking expensive tours when possible. Many cities, especially in Europe, have free walking tours. Of course you can’t do this everywhere, some places will cost money, and you still want to have fun and see what you want to see. So make sure to budget some of your money for activities.

Traveling the world IS possible. It’s not just for rich people. Anyone can do it! All you have to do is put the effort in to make it a reality. Make you dreams come true, get out and see the world!


Ten Ways to Book Cheap Flights to Zimbabwe


Whether you want to visit your family in Zimbabwe, it is a business meeting or you are just after a break to Victoria Falls, you would love to do it the cheapest possible way, all of us would but if you have done your home work, you may not find a good bargain on Flights to Zimbabwe.

Here are a few tips that will help you in booking cheap for Air Zimbabwe and all other carriers flying to Zimbabwe:

1. Always book through a reliable travel agency instead of booking with Airlines direct, for almost all the airlines travel agents usually have the best deals be it Air Zimbabwe, Ethiopian airlines, Kenya Airways or any other airline. Another advantage is that instead of

2. Ask your agent if the dates you are asking for are close to any low season starting e.g. if you travel on the boxing day to Harare on Air Zimbabwe, it will be cheaper than traveling on the 23rd. But better still if you are planning the trip around second week of January the season changes on the 14th of January.

3. If you are not sure when you are coming back or going for a long time, booking two one ways will be much cheaper on Air Zimbabwe than a return fare.

4. If your agent says that all flights are booked asked them for alternate routes especially via Johannesburg. You can get a cheap ride to Johannesburg and then take another flight to Harare or if you are really desperate, you can try and travel by bus as well. But let me warn you that is an almost 14 hours journey and don’t opt for that if you are traveling with kids.

5. Some of the airlines have touchdown included in their itinerary which would not show on your itinerary. Don’t worry about them but if you are, ask your agent to give you details.

6. Pack wisely for the trip. Ask and double check luggage allowance when you call to confirm your flight before departure. Especially with Air Zim as their luggage is not standard all round the year.

7. Don’t go on rumor fares like “Debbie booked for £430 so I would get the same”. Fares vary depending on loads of factors and when and how you book is one of the major factors.

8. And finally something straight from the horse’s mouth. People are booking way early this year so book early to get the best possible fares.

9. Paying in installments is getting more and more obsolete now, although you can try your luck for low season but trying the same for high season is a guarantee that you will end up paying more. So try paying in full as soon as you see your deal.

10. While traveling with kids always opt for Air Zimbabwe because they are the only direct flights to Harare, especially when you are the only adult in the group, as it might be problematic to handle both the kids and luggage.

More to come next week…